IITM and what we represent

IITM is a broad based Human Resource Development firm working since 2004.  At IITM, we offer value-added service ranging from human resource development training to Human Resource, Strategy, Leadership and Organizational Change Consulting. We have worked with some of the finest organizations in Bangladesh and have a rich roster of clients exceeding 120.

We believe that innovation is at the heart of everything and therefore we devote time and energy in bringing innovation to our clients’ door steps.

Starting from designing a training plan and implementing to developing an organizational culture at IITM we have significant exposure. We look forward to adding an appropriate balance to your organization.

We invite collaborations and take initiatives to partner with organizations in multiple domains. Our focus is on learning and succeeding with our partners in collaboration. Our approach allows us to learn, apply and grow. Our knowledge bank grows geometrically as result.

Our vital exposure areas are a. Training and Development, b. HR Recruitment, Placement & Talent Management c. Leadership & HR Consulting, d. Legal Consulting & Corporate Counselling, e. Market Research & Report Generation, f. Market & Business Plan Development Consulting, g. Organizational Strategy & Change Management Consulting, h. Project Based Consulting, i. Business Incubation Service, j. Social Media Consulting, k. Multimedia/Animation/Digital Medium Consulting (in partnership) etc.

We are a socially responsible organization and have exposure in areas of strategic importance.

IITM’s specific strengths are:

  • Strong Corporate Identity in Training & Development
  • Great HR Consulting Exposure including Recruitment, Training and Talent Management
  • An innovative mindset to implement change and advancement
  • Adaptive and Responsive
  • Strategic Links with local & International organizations
  • Multi-disciplinary research and project focus

Upcoming Training in Dhaka

Sales Strategy & Turning Customers into Product Ambassadors.


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