Capital Market Training Programs

Training focuses on the Capital Markets

Foundations on Capital Market Success in Bangladesh

IITM is initiating trainings focused on strengthening the foundations of success in capital market. These series of training programs are designed to introduce the interested audience to the function, structure and necessity of capital market. From this trainings/ workshops, participants will learn all the basics of capital market and how to use capital market as personal and institutional investment channel, what the market is and how does it operate. Training materials are combined with theory and practical examples. All the basics and essentials of technical analysis necessary for stock, commodity, bond and mutual fund markets will be covered in the training. Detail practical analysis on capital markets in Bangladesh will be covered.

Contents of Training:
  • Defining Capital & Capital market
  • Nature and components traded in capital market
  • The functions of the capital market
  • Operations of the capital market
  • Structure of capital market
  • Understanding the risk return relationship while investing and financing

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