International Institute of Technology & Management
International Institute of Technology & Management

At International Institute of Technology & Management (IITM), we endeavor to pursue innovation in the field of human resource development, strategy and market focused consulting from Bangladesh. From human resource development to social entrepreneurship programs to running professional certification programs, we have a distinct exposure in Bangladesh.  We work with local and international organizations and  extend our reach beyond Bangladesh.

Our primary focus is on Managerial Leadership Development, Markets and organizational strategy design, HR recruitment and placement, etc. We have been working with the industry to develop their Human Resource Development Program and provide them one-stop solution for their exacting needs using our tried and tested IITM methodology.

Through our professional programs and special purpose training and skills development initiatives, we offer comprehensive training and certification with emphasis on innovation practice design. Our standards are maintained through strict assessments and evaluations. Through IITM’s Corporate training wing, we offer exciting programs participated by distinguished organizations. Our clients range from local corporate to multinationals, from Government and NGOs to international development partners.

Innovation and creativity are core concepts at IITM. Additionally, we provide business Incubation services for companies needing strategic support in their primary years for ensuring business viability on their own. 

We design special programs and implement them for clients, which also include working with development donors and NGOs. Starting from market surveys to analytic and product strategies, we are equipped to handle challenges and add value to such engagements. 

IITM focuses on intellectual stimulation and healthy interaction among its staff, researchers, trainers, professionals, students and industry. Let us bring you our way and chart out a successful new beginning. 


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