International Institute of Technology & Management (IITM) was established with a view to providing empirical research, consulting, CSR partnerships, professional training and project-focused support through a pool of highly qualified and experienced personnel. IITM is a social business enterprise keeping its mark in Bangladesh and beyond. We are an organization committed to comprehensive social well-being and believe that for making the world a better, more humane and prosperous place can be achieved through capacity building of its human resources and respective organizational development. We are committed to making a meaningful contribution to Bangladesh and beyond. 

IITM is the parent company of IITMSoft and runs a publication and content development wing within the structure of IITM. While the ICT driven solutions and MIS planning and strategies are supported by IITMSoft, the parent company works on combining perspectives on policy level support, builds the alliances and implements the project as a project coordinating entity. IITM has been working with various stakeholders in the public and private domain and has industry knowledge especially in the SME sector. IITM has strong national network of partner organizations and has been working with the rural sector on various thrust areas, namely markets and livelihoods, entrepreneurship development for rural entities and home-based women entrepreneurs, environmental impact assessments at urban and remote locations at the private and public level, financial sector study for the target SME companies at urban, semi-urban and peri-urban areas, etc. Our team expertise encompasses various skill sets in diverse fields including education, corporate training, business development, market planning, brand building & media exposure, business incubation, business intelligence, Information Technology enabled services, CSR partnerships, SME development and trade promotion, among others. Our team members are experienced in championing projects both home and abroad.

We do not believe in re-inventing the wheel, but have attained a capacity to take on projects and seamlessly deliver without the client having to intervene at each step of the project. Optimizing client engagement time is a clear strategy for IITM because we believe that clients essentially spend time on their core line of activities and our singular focus is to provide facilitative support in maximizing output opportunities for the clients.

At IITM, we remain informed of industry trends, emerging requirements of the private and public sectors; we maintain strategic links with the professional bodies, international agencies, Government agencies, universities, research organizations and companies.  We have the ability to draw resource persons on short notice. IITM has also nurtured mutually collaborative joint efforts with a network of leading global consulting firms /development agencies.


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