Our Experience Continued

In addition to the projects mentioned in our Experience page, IITM has undertaken extensive work in the following projects.

  • SME sector financial survey and market report for Standard Chartered Bank in 2007-08
  • Markets and livelihood Impact study on Kharachori District with Practical Action, UK (SME development focus with identification of sectoral possibilities)
  • Skills Training Assessment and identification of business opportunity in  Srimongol, Sylhet Region with Practical Action, UK (SME development focus with identification of sectoral possibilities)
  • Skills Training Assessment and Organizational Assessment of Caritas RTS Bonpara, Rajshahi Region with Practical Action, UK (SME development focus with identification of sectoral possibilities)
  • Have signed agreement for Partner Broker Service with Care and Katalyst (a project of Swiss Development Corporation) and also working to create a CSR initiative in Bangladesh through partnership brokering ( Received international training from IBLF. The course material was jointly produced by IBLF, Cambridge University and supported by UNDP and other international organizations
  • Worked with CAMPE, FIVDB and Sylhet Chamber of Commerce for rapportearing and report generation for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative
  • Sanitation and Waste Management Survey of 9 pouroshabha/city corporations with Waste Concern for UNDP
  • Using a partnership model, have created a 60 minute 3D animated cartoon tele-film based on the science fiction movie Tratuler Jagat of Dr. Zafar Iqbal
  • Recycled Plastics industry survey of Dhaka City with Waste Concern for Katalyst
  • Organizational training on Customer Care and Effective Communication
  • Capacity Building for Mid-level executes of Finance Division of Faisal Investment Foundation, Dhaka
  • Inventory Management System development for Ahsania Mission, Dhaka
  • Management Information System Development for FIF, Dhaka
  • Evaluate and Re-design the Share Management System of FIF, Dhaka
  • Business Development for Fishery and Horticulture Project in Netrokona
  • Managerial Level web implementation support with complex database for Iraban.com
  • Project conception, web-based database development, marketing planning to migration planning to E-commerce site of beekree.biz
  • IITM had rapporteured for two-day seminars on Physical and Humiliating Punishment (PHP) for Save the Children ( Sweden, Denmark) with CAMPE
  • Developed a number of business plan for clients in the leather sector
  • Developing a Career Development and Training Program to be disseminated at multiple intervention Level for the Pharmaceuticals and other sector clients
  • Regular Corporate trainings conducted for clients and as stand alone events
  • Worked with CAMPE, FIVDB ( a NGO in Sylhet) and Sylhet Chamber of Commerce in preparing a report on a roundtable on ‘Round table discussion on the role of the NGO and Corporate Sector for ensuring education for all’
  • Focusing on total managerial development of Graduates of Bangladesh through Launching a Skills Development Initiative in Bangladesh – Covering Communications Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Team Skills, Behavior and Attitudinal Skills, General Knowledge and Aptitude Skills, Networking Skills, Coaching and Counseling skills, Negotiating Skills, Leadership Skills, Office Management Skills (including Computer Skills).
  • Organized the 1st National Pottery Trade Fair 2006 between March 23 and 26 in association with Practical Action
  • Organized the National Handicraft and Pottery Fair Trade Fair 2007 between 11 April and 15 April
  • Periodically undertake data entry projects for clients, including SRGB



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