Vision & Objective


Be a change agent to enable innovative and transformative ideas in the field of business and socio-economic development, while having a responsible business exposure.


IITM was set up in June 2004 with the following objectives

  • To impart quality trainings in various field for uplifting the human resource capacity of Bangladesh
  • To  offer consulting in the field of Strategy
  • To provide Human Resource Development Consulting including policy design, recruitment, retention and talent management
  • To provide logistics and resource support for conducting market research and surveys for multi-disciplinary clients
  • To offer constructive guidance in the field of market planning & research
  • To incubate ICT and New Media business constructs
  • To position ourselves as thought leadership centers in select domains of knowledge
  • To find new knowledge and generate new skills which enrich the society and contribute to the financial and social development
  • To Conduct and support research for expansion of knowledge for socio-economic progress of the country
  • To conduct research and implement realistic programs of national and regional benefit


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