Corporate Programs

IITM has been very active in Bangladesh offering various types of managerial softskills training. We ensure that our clients receiving training can immediately add to their professional life and add value. At IITM, we believe in delivering training that impact our customers and the value-add is clearly felt. Our clients regularly return to us based on a solid track record of repeat performance. Thus, corporate programs are at the essence of our activities. At IITM, we periodically arrange corporate trainings in varied fields to educate, energize and enhance the human resource strength of the country. IITM methodology uses an edutainment focus with our training focusing on cross learning and interactions among training participants.

Setup for Success Program.

We run trainings that are catered to clients needs or public trainings around the year. You are most welcome to avail any of our trainings and build your professional base. Training normally conducted are:

  • Corporate Communication
  • Corporate Sales & Marketing
  • Goal Setting
  • Team Building and Management
  • Negotiation and Active Listening
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Finance and Administrative Management
  • Brand Management
  • Finance and Administrative Management
  • Corporate Leadership

We believe in lifelong training as new skill sets are required to stay competitive and grow; therefore, we have an array of short to medium term courses that caters to the professionals and organizations. These interactive and fun filled courses are designed to bring out the nascent energies within you for profitable growth.


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