Corporate Trainings

Corporate Trainings 

IITM strongly believes that training and HR development is the best form of organizational investments. Given the fact that training is the life blood of successful organizations, IITM has been consistently delivering and improving upon its training experience. IITM’s successful track record has enabled us to achieve more than 115 successful clients with repeat engagements.

We organize impacting corporate trainings on various disciples. Additionally, we also conduct stand alone public trainings on various topics and practices. Leading organizations from a cross-section of vocations all enjoy the benefits of IITM trainings. We run a smart training and development team; we understand the pulse of the changing human resource needs of Bangladesh, have global perspectives and a knowledge repository to draw from. We have a rich database of in-house and contractual trainers, industry practitioners, scholars, researchers and university teachers. Based on client requirement, we can offer you a training solution that caters to your need. 

Every training engagement is unique; therefore, we design our programs by first understanding clients’ requirements, then fulfilling the training objectives and presenting customized modules for effective outcome. Our stand alone public trainings are also widely participated. We also offer a selection of ICT training programs for professionals, academics and organizations. We ensure that participants develop skills to continuously exploit technology & innovative business logic and practices in response to changing demands.

We believe in lifelong training as new skill sets are required to stay competitive and grow; therefore, we have an array of short to medium term courses that caters to the professionals and organizations. These interactive and fun filled courses are designed to bring out the nascent energies within you for profitable growth.

 IITM’s broad training areas are:                   

  • Leadership & Management Development

  • Customer Care & Communication

  • Corporate Team Building and Management

  • Corporate Leadership Strategy

  • Corporate Communication

  • Project Management

  • Applied Brand Management                                       

  • Office Productivity Management

  • Information Systems Management

  • Specialized Disciples

Our Clients

We have over 115 clients and list of some clients are given below:

Advanced Technology Computers Ltd

General Pharmaceuticals



Grameen Phone


Commercial Bank of Ceylon


Mampower Ltd.

Superior Builders

Practical Action Bangladesh

Change Associates

Dhaka Bank

Robi Axiata Ltd.

Jayson Pharmaceuticals

Mita Textiles

IBN Sina Pharmaceuticals

Mutual Trust Bank

Islami Bank Bangladesh

Ahsania Mission

Faisal Investment Foundation

Delta Life Insurance

National Life Insurance

Waste Concern

Save the Children USA

Beginning Production


ADN Ltd.

Aparajeyo Bangladesh

Note: Specialized ICT programs are carried out based on availability of human resources.


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