Business Incubation

Business Incubation

Starting a business has been difficult and many businesses struggle in the formative years. IITM believes in providing the necessary support needed for a small business to make its way into the challenging business world by providing it strategic support in the areas of business development, market planning, technical, managerial and secretarial help at a cost that is affordable to a business. With our support, a small business can actually leverage itself and focus even more deeply into its core business processes and really drive forward to make meaningful long term relations with existing and target clients. IITM incubation start from a four(4) month program to a longer period up to 2 years. 

We may also provide you technical and strategic support for bringing new concepts to the market. We are currently working on a few initiatives and have plans to foray into other areas. We have dedicated team members assigned for providing necessary organizational development support. Our idea is to nurture goods concepts and give guidance so that an entrepreneur is born and employment created.

Please call us for details of the program and how you may join and continue to develop your business being part of our incubation program.




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