Skills Development Initiative- SDI

Are you worried with your future?

Many of you have almost completed or about to complete your graduation in business or other subjects, but do not know where your future is. You are not sure where to go. What types of skills do you need to acquire to move towards a bright future – a Dream Job?

Reality is hard and years of dedicated studies at the university have only trained you theoretically. However, you lack practical knowledge and skills to prove yourself among potential employers. Therefore, most jobs are no longer within your reach. How can you improve your present situation? How can you build your practical knowledge and apply it in a job environment?

IITM brings you a wonderful opportunity. It offers you the solution to advancing your career through skills development initiatives.

Some common Issues that keep your mind occupied are:

  • What will I do after Graduation?
  • Do I have the right practical skills to get a job?
  • Do I need to improve myself for facing a Job Interview?
  • How to manage a Job/ How to look for a Job?
  • Who will help me to find a job?
  • How much will I earn?
  • How to plan for your career?
  • What role will you play in the corporate culture?

Come and Join our (IITM) Skills Development Initiative (SDI) and set your career in the right path. Through extensive industry exposure, we have an enviable list of contacts in leading Human Resource organizations in Bangladesh. In our program, you will also interact with HR gurus – who may write your ticket to career success, provided you have the right skills and attitude. Let our team work with you and for you. Let us show you the path for improving yourself with necessary practical skills and position yourself with an appropriate job matching your skills.

Sharpen your Career through personal improvement

Career planning is precious and delicate like a newborn baby. It needs nurturing effort to lead you to a solid career. To reach a pleasant position in your career you should go for continuous self-development and effective career planning. Self-development keeps you updated with the changing organizational practices. Career Planning helps to understand who you are, your values, interests, aptitudes, intuitions, and capabilities. In today’s changing work climate, you must prepare and update yourself on a continuous basis to maintain your competitive edge.   Take the right decision and join our (IITM) SDI by improving your practical skills to move smoothly in your chosen career.

 Prepare yourself for the desired job through ‘Skills Development Initiative -SDI’

Standard of living continues to increase alongside global changes within organizations.  Organizations are progressing through new ideas developed by highly qualified professionals who are assisted by technological advancements. The statement, ‘survival of the fittest’ is no longer a saying but an extreme reality. For your solid preparation, we have introduced SDI for you to step ahead in the right direction.

Why SDI is essential for you?

It is a program designed for the comparatively weaker people who are lagging behind with the pace and capabilities of the recent job market requirements. It will help you to retain enough potential in you to attain a lucrative job. On the other hand, SDI will make you enthusiastic in obtaining information, think logically, become impartial to take decisions and see the big picture. The SDI program trains you to become a true professional with the right temperament. Network with IITM, its associates, its advisors, expand your contacts to accelerate your job search.

 What will SDI bring for you?

  • Re-energize yourself in the practical arena
  • Learn and grow, get an encompassing world view
  • Know the right balance
  • Be an effective communicator
  • Develop confidence and effectively make presentations
  • Learn to win and share
  • Learn to negotiate amicably without losing focus
  • Improve objection handling & negotiation skills
  • Learn various business key terms/words, acronyms and jargons
  • Learn effective official correspondences & dealings
  • Develop a corporate attitude & learn to handle objections
  • Become a smart job seeker and get a job in quick time
  • Extend your network through IITM and new colleagues of the program
  • Open doors to endless possibilities

Program Structure

In order to develop yourself as a functional executive, you need to have knowledge and gain perspectives in various practical fields. We will develop you in the following areas:

1.      Fundamentals of Business & Organizational Management

Re-orient yourself with some business concepts, terminologies and theories. Knowing the business fundamentals are a must for graduates entering the job field (business/organizations) to efficiently perform duties and tasks.

2.      Business Communication Skills

Effective business communication enables you to communicate with other professionals. In this segment, you will learn to write using good writing techniques, prepare reports, meeting documentations, minutes, newsletter press releases and publicity material, etc. A strong focus on visual presentation, reformulation and summarizing and, so forth, will be part of your application focused learning. Without appropriate communication no organization can exist; therefore, having a solid grounding in business communication will essentially improve your chances in the job market.

3.      Standard English Writing and Speaking Skills

Most people are not compatible with the English writing and speaking ability. Without improving your language capability, you will not be in a position to find a decent job. Why? You will not be able to speak and talk properly in front of your interviewers.

Therefore, it is wise to be competent in English language. We will be working to develop your language delivery in this skills development segment.

4.      Office Management & Computer Applications

In this segment, we (IITM) will be working to enhance your capacity of basic IT skills. You will receive computer applications training directly benefiting your career and job prospect. Here you will be taught the MS office programs with handouts that you can learn by yourself even at the comfort of your home or at IITM. Business analytics are heavily dependent on optimizing on computer skills. Therefore, without having proper computer knowledge, a person entering the job market will face severe stress and difficulty.

5.      Effective CV/Cover Letter writing and presenting yourself

 A resume is a summary of your total qualifications along with other activities performed. It is an overview of your life. Impacting and high quality resumes opens you endless possibilities to find the right job. Learn to prepare resumes/CVs that impress your potential employers and gets you the interview. Let IITM show you the know-how.

6.       Official Correspondences & Key words for  Office

The official correspondence and dealings are essential in corporate culture. Also, one needs to know the general key terms, business acronyms, jargons and concepts that are used in daily business or organizational practices. This session will prepare you to be comfortable in handling professional challenges.

7.   Presentation & Leadership Skills

Presentation is a vital part of the corporate environment. The good presenter naturally enjoys some benefits of good leadership quality. A leader has power to monitor his team. IITM helps to build up your leadership skills.

8.   General Knowledge and Analytical Skills

For effective participation in the competitive job market, you have to have good general knowledge on current issues of the World /Bangladesh. Also you have to have the ability to handle the analytical issues/situation/problems and also use analytics to prepare reports and proposals.

 IITM Methodology
  1. Right at the beginning of joining SDI we will test you in multiple areas to identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Based on the findings, we will place you in one of our SDI initiatives.
  3. We will maintain an 80 – 20 rule. Where 80% will represent application oriented learning and 20% will be theory and general knowledge.
  4. We believe that growth and development is due to of self-learning. Therefore, we will work with you and allow you to develop mostly on your own with our guidance at every step of your development process.
 Required qualifications
  • The basic requirement is your intension for building yourself through attending the program at IITM.
  • The minimum required qualification is graduation irrespective of discipline, Especial cases may be entertained.
  • You do not need any working experience for attending this   program.

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