Articles / Journals

IITM invites you to read and apply the learning from the articles/journals and cases given below:

Six Questions

The Focused Leader

The 8-Kotler

Decoding The Truth Of Leading

Management Futures

Transformational Leadership

Embedding Learning

Cases :

10 Pricing Strategies that Can Drastically Improve Sales

Sales Force Sizing Strategy

Strategic Options for Achieving Cost Competitiveness

From Value Chain Activities to Competitive Capabilities to Competitive Advantage

Benchmarking the cost of Key Activities

Mercedes-Benz France’s Immersive YouTube Experience Fuels Shift in Brand Perception

How Mazda Generated Sales Leads With an Always-On Digital Strategy for Launches

Chevrolet Drives Brand Awareness for Its New Traverse

Sunrun Uses Google’s Brand Lift Solution to Measure Campaign Recall

Successful Content Creation: Lessons From adidas

Points of Influence for the Path to Purpose

When the Path to Purchase Becomes the Path to Purpose

Piston Sees Trendsetting Success with DoubleClick Search

Search Marketing is Now: Faster

ShopPivot Ratcheted Up Its Reach with Search and Display

Porter’s Patch Farm Hitches Its Wagon to Online Ads

TDThanksYou Wins Hearts Using YouTube TrueView

Retailer Grainger Uses Dynamic Search Ads and Remarketing to Extend Its Reach

Building Identity Loyalty Through Social Media


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