CSR Consulting

IITM Corporate Responsibility Partnership Programs

IITM has been active in designing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs due to working with various stakeholders. Responsible businesses understand the value of community service and how helping the social cause creates impacting long-lasting value for the organization itself. IITM can take you through the steps of designing and implementing CSR programs in Bangladesh. IITM intends to work with you in finding impact investment opportunities with a CSR angle having socially beneficial component, creating a win-win situation for all connected stakeholders.

IITM welcomes corporate CSR initiatives in Bangladesh, especially where issues of rights and ethical behavior is becoming integral to the lifeblood of an organization. IITM understanding that global complexity, equity, accountability and transparency are shaping the organizational dimensions, business paradigms and competitiveness. Based on such understanding, let IITM work with your organization, develop a rational position and introduce CSR frameworks within management practices and business decisions within Bangladesh. We are interested to participate with you and take on responsibilities to bring the vision of CSR forward in Bangladesh.

 Bringing CSR practices in Bangladesh sets a definitive milestone in the total development of corporate Bangladesh and IITM wants to play a proactive role in such transformation. As an organization, we continue to develop our exposure and experience in this field.

For further information, call us at 88-01726153318 or Email:  infoiitm@yahoo.com, or infoiitm1@yahoo.com. Our program coordinator would be happy to support your needs.


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